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India gets protocol to assess Snow Leopard population

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Did you know you can have a snow leopard encounter at the zoo on Fridays? Don’t wait on this – it ends in May!

Battle Creek — Officials at a Michigan zoo are hoping its male snow leopard hooks up with a female snow leopard he was paired with through a breeding program that aims to give the threatened species a boost. Until Victoria arrived, the 7-year-old Raj was the lone snow leopard in Battle Creek. Zoo officials are hoping the pair will mate and produce a litter of cubs. The big cats were matched through a Species Survival Program breeding recommendation from the Association of Zoos and Aquarium to make sure they were genetically compatible, the Battle Creek Enquirer reported.

Walsh said the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plan maintains genetic data on the snow leopard population and makes breeding recommendations focused on the goal of genetic diversity. Mating season for snow leopards is January through mid-March, followed by a gestation period of 98 to days.

Snow Leopard Day (New date)

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To protect snow leopards, WCS conducts foundational research, reduces With the research done to date, the population in Afghanistan is probably close to.

Binder Park Zoo welcomed a two-year-old female snow leopard named Victoria in August. Mating season for snow leopards is January through mid-March and gestation is days. The average litter size is two to three cubs, according to the release. Snow leopards in the wild are typically solitary animals. They get together only to breed and then cubs will stay with the mother until they mature which is usually about two years, Walsh said.

Until Victoria arrived, Raj was the lone snow leopard in Battle Creek. Shanti was later transferred to Akron Zoo in Ohio where she has since produced eight cubs, including Raj. As a one-year-old cub Raj came to Binder Park Zoo in , according to the release. In March , the Large Carnivore Act was amended to allow accredited zoos a license to breed large carnivores with a Michigan state permit.

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Binder Park Zoo Sets Up Blind Date For Snow Leopards

Kathmandu — Nepal has launched the first census of its snow leopards, local media reported, in a bid to raise awareness of the endangered species. The conservationist group is running insurance programmes to discourage people from attacking the endangered species to defend their cattle. KATHMANDU — Conservationists in Nepal have enlisted an army of school children to record the movements of the mysterious snow leopard, one of the most elusive predators in the world, a scientist said Tuesday.

The census, due to be carried out over two months in winter, will give scientists a more accurate idea of numbers in Nepal than more primitive techniques, including recording tracks and collecting droppings. Although the Snow Leopard Conservancy used camera traps on a study in India six years ago, the group says this is the first survey of a large predator anywhere in the world by local communities who are not paid conservation experts.

No date has been set yet for process reserved only for tigers, rhinos and elephants until A snow leopards in Hemis National Park in Ladakh.

Raj has been at Binder Park Zoo since Last year, the Large Carnivore Act was amended to allow accredited zoos to breed large carnivores with a Michigan state permit. Binder Park Zoo is now allowed to breed the snow leopards as a result of the change. Although it may seem odd to think of a snow leopard with a dating profile, scientists did compile data to make sure Victoria and Raj were compatible, at least genetically.

The zoo’s animal care staff have been working to introduce the pair, a process that requires time and patience. Mating season for snow leopards is January through mid-March. If Victoria and Raj hit it off, the staff hopes there could be a litter of cubs on the way sometime soon. The gestation period for snow leopard is 98 to days. The average litter size for snow leopards in 2 to 3 cubs. If a litter is born, the cubs would likely stay at Binder Park Zoo until they mature.

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The GSLEP program and its partners are engaged in an initiative to assess the global population of the threatened snow leopard. Click below to learn more about this project and participate. Representatives from nine snow leopard range countries gathered in Kathmandu, Nepal, for a workshop on…. This September, an international snow leopard conference brought together experts, government officials and NGO representatives in Shenzhen, China….

Snow Leopard Festival/Sledding at the Zoo POSTPONED, SEE BELOW Date: December 8, ; Time: AM – PM. Event Categories: Education.

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Snow leopard cubs hand-feed Lottery

Even though naturally perfectly equipped to roam the steep mountains of Central Asia, the snow leopard is facing extinction. The number of snow leopards in the wild is decreasing mostly due to habitat loss, poaching, and the impacts of climate change. Due to unsustainable forms of hunting, it is losing its main prey — ungulates, such as Siberian Ibex or Argali.

Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Program Representatives from nine snow leopard range countries gathered in Location: tbd Date: tbd.

The global impacts have been tremendous in These investments of time, money, and advocacy have translated into a tremendous amount of progress for snow leopard protection. Thanks to you, ongoing research across five countries has brought a better understanding of snow leopard populations in key regions, and we can now see changes and trends not previously apparent. He also spent 10 days volunteering in the field, assisting our Kyrgyz Program Director in setting up more than 30 camera traps in the Sarychat-Ertash reserve this year.

With your support, we have maintained community conservation programs in five countries and for the last three years, we have no evidence of snow leopards killed in partner communities. For comparison, a recent report by an organization called TRAFFIC estimates up to four snow leopards are killed each week across the range.

A recent Global Forum meeting held in Bishkek drew unprecedented high-level political support for snow leopard conservation, and large-scale international attention from media, business, government, and the science community. We would like to thank everyone who helps support our cause, even just one bottle at a time. Cheers to Conservation! About Cocktails Snow Leopard Trust.

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Learn More. The snow leopard, known as the ghost of the mountains, is an elusive predator that has captured the human imagination for eons. Those lucky enough to encounter one speak of the experience as momentous, transformative, even spiritual.

This is the new rescheduled date for the original event in March. Here’s an opportunity to explore our newest exhibit, Snow Leopard Pass.

Declared endangered in , between 3, and 7, cats remain in the wild. Their numbers are thought to be dwindling, though exact figures are hard to come by. Snow leopards are solitary, elusive and perfectly suited to their harsh homelands; researchers who study them can go for years without seeing one. In , a consortium of scientists and conservation groups launched the first long-term snow leopard study. Camera traps set beside known snow leopard trails, and triggered when an infrared beam is crossed, have captured thousands of images.

Individual animals are then identified by their coloration patterns.

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